Why Pre-Cal?

Pre-calculus is something I was never exposed to throughout high school so this is very new material to me. I think this class would be a great challenge for me and I do think that all it really takes is a great amount of concentration and dedication. I definitely do not want to end up in a situation where I feel lost in the class and end up not doing well. I know this is a class where I would need to be at meet ups for tutoring and I will make sure that I there when I need to be. I also want to be an entrepreneur so I think this this class would be another positive path to help me get there and being better in the financial aspect of running a business. I’m excited for the challenge this class would bring and I plan on making it a great semester.


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  1. I feel the same way, I never took Pre-calculus before but I’m definitely open to learning new thing. At the same time I do not want to end up felling so lost and not being able to get the grade that would love to have. I agree that dedication and going to tutoring can really help smooth things up. We often thing that math is just for school but it is useful for every day life activities.

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    1. Dr. Fisher says:

      What a great comment! There’s actually a lot of research about how people use math differently in school than in everyday life. For example, you might learn how to calculate percentages in school, but then if you need to calculate a 20% tip at a restaurant, you might do this differently than the way percentages are done in school. The hope is that we can make school mathematics more like the math you use everyday so that it’s more useful. Sometimes, people learn a lot of math in school but don’t realize how it’s related to their everyday lives.

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  2. sabrinaleee says:

    Yes, this class takes a lot of dedication to be able to pass it. You’re on the right thinking path with this class. Good luck!

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  3. Dr. Fisher says:

    I think sabrinalee gave you some good advice. More than anything else, you just have to be persistent in Precalculus. You have to make sure you do all the assignments, come to class, ask questions, and seek out help (like the tutoring or meet-ups you mentioned.) If you stay focused, I think you’ll learn a lot and have a good experience.

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