My initials

To be very honest I was not very sure how to do this assignment. I read the instructions so many times and I was still confused. It says to graph my initials and my initials are CC and I was not sure how to go about it. I asked for someone to help me but there was no response. I will share a picture of what I tried . As you can see it is a parabola and that is because I was very unsure about this assignment. It would be great to have gotten some further guidance and examples. As much a I like teaching myself new things this is something I really wish  had more help with. But I do have a question… What do you guys think that I could have done differently to be more successful with this assignment?



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  1. Dr. Fisher says:

    Hi, did you try working on the Desmos Activity that is listed under “Before You Blog?” Here’s the link again:

    I don’t see your name on the list of people who attempted it, and the Desmos Activity will give you the further guidance and extra examples that you’re asking for. Work through that activity and then try graphing your initials again.


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