Week 3- Assignment D

A quadratic equation is an equation of the second degree which means that one of its terms has a squared root. It is also like standard form (ax^2+bx+c=0). Where a, b and c are constants and x is an unknown variable. The connection with a quadratic function and these basketball shots is that a quadratic function when graphed are usually called parabolas and when a basketball is thrown its shape is in that same form. To create my equation I used the Vertex equation to describe the shot and tell when it hits the top of the curve. The ball according to the picture and the example that I did, shows that it reaches the top of the line at 12 units high. This means that at 12 units high the basketball reaches the maximum point.

End your blog post with a question: Did anyone else think that using the quadratic equation made it easier to use the shifts and align the arch with the basketball curve?



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  1. Dr. Fisher says:

    Yes, using the vertex form was wise! What formula did you get for your function?


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