Factoring is something used in math to get the roots of a polynomial. It is used very often throughout math. After factoring we usually find the vertex points based on the roots that we find. One thing that always made remember how to factor is find two numbers that add up to the B constant and multiply to the C constant. Knowing  this I always began to try with the two numbers that multiply to the C constant because it makes it easier to see that it adds up to the B constant.

End your blog post with a question:  What helps you guys when you are factoring?


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  1. After factoring, you don’t find the vertex right the way. You will have to use this formula h=-b/2A then plug h into the original equation to get K. The roots only gives the zeros of the graph. To answering your question, when factoring you have to be able to multiply which is the key. Also if you have a scientific calculator you can graph the equation and find the root, change to signs and you have the factors.

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  2. Dr. Fisher says:

    Can you say more about factoring by grouping or using the difference of two squares? How is that done?


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