Imagine all the Numbers!

Imaginary numbers are complex numbers that can be written as a real number. Then complex numbers are real numbers plus an imaginary number. They take the form a+bi, where a and b are real numbers. But, a, is called the real part and b, is the imaginary part. In one example from the desmos website was multiplying complex numbers where there was distribution being done. For example, I had to distribute (2-6i)(-4+9i) just like I would distribute any other real number if you put them into factored form. Other ways to work with imaginary numbers is when you are trying to figure out the value of them. when -1 is in a square root  it becomes i, i^2=-1, i^4=1. This is just a few examples of how to deal with complex numbers.

End your blog post with a question: Have any one of you ever come in contact with imaginary/complex numbers?



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  1. Dr. Fisher says:

    Nice post. I have a question: how are imaginary numbers related to quadratic functions?


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