Dr. Rational

In medicine, rational functions are used to measure many things differently. In this case from the Desmos example, it was used to measure how long the anesthesia would take to get to its lowest point in a patient as time goes by. I chose two equations one that I think would model the concentration of medicine in the bloodstream and one that would not. The one I thought would work is p(x)=4x^2/x^2+1 and the one that would not work is q(x)=5x+1/x^2+3. I chose these two equations because I looked at the example questions I did on Desmos and saw one that was similar to the equation that was used and then looked for the other one I thought looked wrong and would not work.

A horizontal Asymptote is a horizontal line that the graph gets closer and closer to as you move to the right or left in the graph. If the graph required me to reduce the concentration of medicine to 0.4 milligrams/liters , when using the equation p(x)=4x^2/x^2+1equals 2.5 minutes. This means that I would have to wait 2.5 minutes to reduce the concentration of medicine to 0.4 milligrams/liters. I got this answer by plugging in 0.4 to all the x values in the equation I thought would work best.indexana


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