Exponential Skyscraper

The difference between a growth rate and a growth factor is that the growth rate is the percentage in which something grows by and the growth factor is how much it grows by. In this problem we were introduced to one idea of how growth factor and growth rate works and then we applied it a real life skyscraper. I chose the “One World Trade Center” that measure to be 1,776 feet and is converted in 541 meters tall.

Then there was a video that showed us examples of dominoes toppling over one another. Starting from the smallest domino to the biggest which happened to be 1.5 times bigger than the previous domino. The video then continued to say that it would take 29 dominoes for it to be as big as the Empire state building. This building reaches a height of 1,250 feet which is smaller that the World Trade Center by 526 feet .

I tried to do some calculations by taking the amount of dominoes needed to be as tall as the empire state building and the height of the building. By taking the height of the Empire State Building and multiplying it by 1.5 the original difference in the dominoes I got 1,875ft which is taller than the WTC. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that it would not take exactly 20 dominoes for it to be as tall as the WTC but it would have to be about that.OWO-Skyline-2.0


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