Inverse Functions

Inverse Functions is a function that reverses another function. In this Desmos activity I had draw points that showed one function was the inverse of the other. I also had make a graph of my own that shows the inverse of one graph. The image below shows an example of an inverse function because the graphs share the same inputs which means y=x and x=y. I would also look at this as a one-to-one function that passes both the horizontal and vertical line test.It would make sense that these graphs are related in this way because as I said before y=x and x=y.

Question: How does this post help you understand inverse functions and their relationship to one-to-one functions?



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  1. When I hear inverse function, I automaticly think switching places I take your place and you take my place (X,Y). I don’t think inverse functions are one to one functions because based on the graph above, the functions are not overlapped which means the must have different inputs or outputs.


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