Sail Boat

In this assignment there was an activity on GeoGebra and there was a sail boat involved. I had to click on a circle that would rotate in a circle and see how it affected the boat in the water. Ton my observation the water levels either went up or went down. Then I click on something that said on/off which made the boat move. In return it traced the boats movement along with the water levels changing that drew a a wave length which were either short waves or long waves. I realized that when the tide is high the line in the circle is all the way the top directly in the middle. Then when it is low tide the point is directly in the middle but all the at the bottom. Another observation that I realized was that the faster you moved the arrow around the circle the smaller the wave length but, it did not affect the speed of the boat. It just affected the high and low tide level times. Did anyone else find anything different while ding this assignment?


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