Inverse Function & Real Life

Overview: In this assignment I want you to think about situations where you can use inverse functions in real life. Since you should already know what an inverse function is you will introduce a situation of your own. You will complete a Desmos activity to help you get started.

Relevant Sections in the Book: 10.2

Before You Blog:

On your Blog: What is the definition of an inverse function? How can you relate it to a real life situation that is dealt with on a daily basis? Create a table of an inverse function then insert the graph and explain what it means. Choose a field of work of your choice and illustrate how it relates to inverse functions. Create a formula that’s related to the situation and do the inverse of it.

  • Tag your post Final Assignment/Inverse functions & Real Life
  • End your blog post with a question. How has the assignment strengthened your idea of inverse functions? What did you think your opinion were before you knew what it really was?